High quality minerals are very beneficial to your deer as they aid in antler development, increased body weight, milk production in lactating does, reproductive health and immune function.  These minerals are absorbed by a deer through consumption and digestion of plant matter.  Through this process a plant has to first absorb minerals contained in the soil.  In many areas the mineral levels in the soil are severely lacking and a deer would need to eat an extraordinary amount of material to reach the optimal mineral levels available through supplementation.

Contrary to popular belief, these digested minerals do not go directly to antler growth. They are first deposited on the animal’s skeletal structure and only if there is a surplus will minerals be transported through the bloodstream to the antlers.  If you have ever wondered why it is said that a buck does not reach its maximum antler producing potential until 4-1/2 to 5-1/2, now you know!  Until this age a buck has not fully developed its skeletal or muscular systems, so it diverts a lot of mineral and nutrients to developing these, keeping its antler production a secondary function.  During a fawns critical first years it puts a lot of energy and nutrition towards its skeletal development so providing a high quality and consistent source of minerals is the best way to ensure it gets a good start in quality development.

Minerals are also very beneficial to does as it helps with lactation, immune function, reproductive health and overall physical well being.  Proper nutrition is critical for fawns as well.  They require a massive amount of nutrients as they are constantly growing and developing.


A deer needs a specific combination of macro minerals, as well as trace minerals.  Macro minerals are needed by deer in much greater quantity than trace minerals.  They are also needed in proper ratios to other minerals.

The three most important macro minerals to your deer are Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium.  Numerous studies have shown that Calcium and Phosphorus are the two most common minerals that comprise a mature antler by weight.   These studies reveal that in addition to these two macro minerals, at least 9 other trace minerals are important to antler development as well.  

Two very important trace minerals include Copper and Zinc.  In addition to being directly linked to antler development, these trace minerals help the immune system fight off infection, so a deer can put its energy into body and antler development.

Until recently, Selenium was not considered an important trace mineral, however it is now seen that it is critical to cell  division and is found to be 5 to 10 times greater in an antler’s growing tips than anywhere else on the deer’s antler.  However, Selenium should not be over-consumed and it is important to provide just enough to benefit the deer.

The high moisture content of the plants that make up a deer’s diet can often decrease an animal’s sodium levels, which makes Salt very attractive and beneficial to deer, with does needing roughly twice as much salt as males due to reproductive demands.  Salt is also very important in regulating potassium levels that become unbalanced due to the high moisture content of the vegetation in a deer's diet.

WHY OUR MINERALS are so important to your deer?

Just recently, the advantage of using mineral supplementation for your deer herd has been realized and this has led to an explosion in the popularity of mineral supplement use.  Accordingly, the market has responded by pumping out a number of products claiming all sorts of benefits and advantages.

Today’s hunters and land managers are more informed than ever before.  At A&W Nature Labs, LLC we realize that you have a choice when it comes to deer mineral products.  The wide array of loose mineral, blocks and rocks on the market today can make choosing the right product for your deer a confusing decision.  Until now!  

A&W Nature Labs believes in a superior and consistent product over superior claims.  We think that what’s inside the bag or box is more important than the claim printed on the outside of it. This is how we set out to create one of the most complete deer mineral supplements available today.  Our goal was to take the guesswork out of your decision by developing a premium mineral mix that was a rich and dependable source of a complex blend of minerals and elements, including 21 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

As a land manager, the year round health of your animals should be paramount and minerals are an important, easy and cost effective way to ensure your herd stays healthy and local to your land.



MINERAL MAGNET® is mixed and maintained in accordance with the Safe Feed / Safe Food (SFSF) Certification Program® (, which establishes comprehensive standards of excellence that go above and beyond to maximize feed and food safety.  You can be confident that every bag has been mixed with the highest standards of quality and consistency in mind.

MINERAL MAGNET® is produced using the highest quality minerals and vitamins available.  Many of the components in MINERAL MAGNET® are organic and some, like our hydroxy trace minerals, have an optimal efficacy that is on par with some of the best organic trace minerals available today.  One main advantage of using these hydroxy trace minerals is that they greatly improve bioavailability and lead to reduced reactivity.  

  • Bioavailability means that mineral is absorbed by the deer quicker and more completely, reducing mineral waste in the animal
  • Reduced reactivity refers to the stability of vitamins, enzymes and other sensitive ingredients

Both of these factors are very important in a mineral mix to avoid wasteful antagonistic interactions within either the gastrointestinal tract of your deer or the mineral itself.

MINERAL MAGNET® also contains a viable (live) yeast culture which is vital for proper digestive tract health of your deer.  This normal digestive tract health is essential to the animal’s ability to absorb both Calcium and Phosphorus, the two main building blocks of antler and bone.  Viable yeast culture also promotes lean muscle development and contributes to the overall health of your deer.

MINERAL MAGNET® has a very mild aroma that will not spook deer or be too intense to consume.

MINERAL MAGNET® will always be professionally mixed right here in the U.S.A.