SMOKE SIGNAL® was designed to exit the squirt bottle and continue to rise like actual smoke, but without the smell associated with it.  SMOKE SIGNAL® is ideal for calm days as the slightest air current will carry it in the direction that the air is moving, giving you the knowledge and confidence to plan your hunt accordingly.

SMOKE SIGNAL® will not clump or clog!  It will give you the perfect wind reading each and every time.  It is amazing how wind currents can change within just a few yards, and SMOKE SIGNAL® will hang in the air out past the range of a typical wind direction indicator, giving you that much more confidence in knowing just where your scent is going.

On windy days a gentle shake and squeeze will release more SMOKE SIGNAL® into the air,  giving you an accurate reading of wind direction.  

Try it once and you'll never want to go on a hunt without it!

Say goodbye to the old way of thinking!

Sick and tired of the cheap wind indicator products on the market today that are nothing more then baby powder and corn starch?  So were we!

A deer's nose is arguably its greatest detection device, so why try and defeat it using the same inferior products that do little more than cover your lap, hands and gear in a powdery mess? 

This thinking led to the development,  testing and production of SMOKE SIGNAL®, which represents a whole new level of wind and thermal current indication.