MINERAL MAGNET® is the premium deer mineral mix that was developed through years of real world testing and research on actual whitetail deer herds throughout a variety of habitats.

MINERAL MAGNET® is a rich and dependable source of a complex blend of minerals and elements, including 21 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

Numerous studies have shown that Calcium and Phosphorus are the two most common minerals that comprise a mature antler by weight.  These studies reveal that in addition to these two Macro minerals, at least 9 other trace minerals are important to antler development as well.  Our goal was to develop a mineral mix that was as close to antler and bone composition as possible.   We accomplished this goal with the development of MINERAL MAGNET®.  

Calcium (min/max) - 10%/11% 
Phosphorus (min) -  5%
Salt (min/max) -  40%/40%
Magnesium (min) -  2.1%
Potassium (min) -  1.0%

Sulfur (min) -  1.0%          
Iodine (min) -  75PPM
Cobalt (min) -  50PPM
Copper (min) -  500PPM
Iron (min) -  3,639PPM

Zinc (min) -  3,497PPM        
Manganese (min) - 14,99PPM
Selenium (min) -  25PPM
Vitamin A (min) -149,850IU/LB
Vitamin D (min) -  49,950IU/LB
Vitamin E (min) - 101IU/LB

Now, some technical jargon…….

MINERAL MAGNET® is mixed and maintained in accordance with the Safe Feed / Safe Food (SFSF) Certification Program, which establishes comprehensive standards of excellence that go above and beyond to maximize feed and food safety.  MINERAL MAGNET® is produced using the highest quality minerals and vitamins available.  Many of the components in MINERAL MAGNET® are organic and some, like our hydroxy trace minerals, have an optimal efficacy that is on par with some of the best organic trace minerals available today.  One main advantage of using these hydroxy trace minerals is that they greatly improve bioavailability, and lead to reduced reactivity.  

Bioavailabity means that they are absorbed by the deer quicker and more completely, reducing mineral waste in the animal. Reduced reactivity refers to the stability of vitamins, enzymes and other sensitive ingredients.  

Both of these factors are very important in a mineral mix to avoid wasteful antagonistic interactions within either the gastrointestinal tract of your deer or the mineral mix itself.

MINERAL MAGNET® contains a viable (live) yeast culture which is vital for proper digestive tract health of your deer.  This normal digestive tract health is essential to the animals ability to absorb both calcium and phosphorus, the two main building blocks of antler and bone.  Viable yeast culture also promotes lean muscle development and contributes to the overall health of your deer.

MINERAL MAGNET® is beneficial to all deer.  In addition to body and antler development in bucks, the rich vitamin and mineral content in MINERAL MAGNET™ helps in doe reproductive health, lactation and is critical to fawn development.  Start them early, start them right!

Always check your local and state game laws as MINERAL MAGNET® may be considered an attractant in some states.

MINERAL MAGNET®………Your deer WILL dig it!

Our 10 pound bag of MINERAL MAGNET® is perfect for starting and maintaining a mineral site on 40 - 50 acres.  

MINERAL MAGNET®………Your deer WILL dig it!

  • Contains the optimal 2-1 calcium to phosphorus ratio critical to antler development
  • Properly balanced macro and trace mineral composition very beneficial to bucks, does and fawns
  • Easy to use granular formulation mixes easily with all soils
  • Lasts over a month in heavy soil types
  • A great spring and summer scouting tool when used in combination with trail camera
  • Aroma draws in deer from a distance