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Don't just Feed your deer, GROW your deer!


Contains the optimal 2-1 calcium to phosphorus ratio critical to antler development

Properly balanced macro and trace mineral composition very beneficial to bucks, does and fawns

Easy to use granular formulation mixes easily with all soils

Lasts over a month in heavy soil types

A great spring and summer scouting tool when used in combination with trail camera

Aroma draws in deer from a distance


Contains the optimal 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio critical to antler growth

Is the best option for year round feeding vs corn as it will not lead to acidosis (grain overload) and enterotoxemia (overeating disease)

Fortified with Vitamins A, D and E for total herd health

est when used in free choice gravity feeder or covered trough type feeder

Was designed to be mixed with other feeds or fed straight


Draws deer in from a distance with its aroma and holds deer with its super nutritious feed

High fat and protein content at the time deer need it most

Can be poured on ground, mixed with bait or used in any type of feeder

Feed-based consistency contains whole grains that will survive through rain and snow

Drives deer wild and keeps them returning for days after it has been consumed



A 25 pound pressed block containing the ideal combination of protein (15%) vitamins and minerals

Highly attractive scent and flavor have incredible drawing power to this highly digestible formula

Professionally mixed and pressed in U.S.A. to ensure consistency

Can be used for year-round feeding and as an attractant during the season (check all local and state laws regarding attractants prior to use)

Highly beneficial to bucks, does and fawns      


Ultralight powder leaves container and continues to rise, giving you a perfect wind reading every single time

Eliminates powdery mess on clothes and gear

Highly visible powder is easy to see as it floats on the slightest breeze or thermal

Scent free formula

Much more accurate and much less waste than the conventional powder-type wind indicators

Easy to use squeeze bottle is perfect for one hand operation


Triple Threat is available in Three flavors


Deer Nutrition and Attractants